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How to get a better work-life balance with a virtual assistant

Work-life balance with a virtual assistant

Take a moment to think about your average day. When you get to work, you reply to emails, answer phone calls, do admin work for hours, and then you have all your other tasks to do. You work late most days, which means you don’t have much time to spend with your family.

Time is your most valuable resource

How a virtual assistant can save you time

Time is your most valuable resource for so many reasons. Even though money pays the bills, it is the way you spend your time that determines how much money, freedom, and power you have. Those moments cannot be retrieved once they have been spent.

Onboarding your virtual assistant

How to onboard your virtual assistant

One of the most successful ways to bring your virtual assistant onboard is to have an onboarding document that contains the most important information of your business. For many start-ups or small businesses, hiring a virtual assistant can mean the first hire for the business. This could leave you feeling a bit intimidated on how to get started and onboard your very first employee. Having clearly documented processes helps to make tasks repeatable allowing your VA to refer to a single document when they need to know their next steps.

Our top time management tips

Time management tips

In both personal and professional environments, time is crucial, so it deserves respect. That’s why learning time management can be one of the most rewarding skills we can acquire.
Here are some time management tips we love.

Are you wearing too many hats in your business?

Are you wearing too many hats in your business?

It is likely that you have dozens of duties associated with your main title, whether it is marketing manager, operations manager, copy editor, or managing director. Combine this with the demands of home and that elusive social life, overload is inevitable.

Tracking website traffic with Google Analytics

Google analytics

Tracking website traffic is a good way to measure your marketing plan, and Google Analytics is a good tool for doing so. Why? Google Analytics is a powerful and free tool that lets businesses track more than 200 metrics. And since traffic to your website affects your ROI, you should monitor these metrics closely.

Greater London Enterprise Awards

Greater London Enterprise Awards

We are honoured to be nominated for the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022. With these awards, SME News celebrates the individuals and companies that make London a dynamic and diverse business hub.

Email tricks on Gmail

Gmail tricks for a virtual assistant

Gmail is free, but that doesn’t mean it has to be basic in function. Get the most out of your account by applying all the available features and let us know what email system you prefer, Outlook or Gmail.

How to delegate effectively

Learn to delegate

When you are used to doing everything yourself, delegation can be one of the hardest things for a business owner to learn. Delegating sounds easy, and those who do it make it seem easy. In reality though, letting go of tasks requires a lot of trust, communication, and coordination.