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Learn to delegate

How to delegate effectively

When you are used to doing everything yourself, delegation can be one of the hardest things for a business owner to learn. Delegating sounds easy, and those who do it make it seem easy. In reality though, letting go of tasks requires a lot of trust, communication, and coordination.


What is delegation?

Delegation refers to the transfer of responsibility for specific tasks from one person to another. It’s a crucial management skill, but it can be difficult for some.


To know if you’re guilty of holding on to too much, answer this simple question: If you had to take an unexpected week off work, would your initiatives and priorities advance in your absence? If you answered no, it might be time to start small and start delegating some tasks.


Managers may hesitate to delegate tasks for a variety of reasons. For example:


•Believe it would take longer to explain the task than actually completing it themselves

•Lack of confidence or trust in the person they need to transfer the project to

•Think they’re the only ones capable of doing the job


However, no matter the reason, it’s essential to keep improving the skill, because it has many benefits for both you and your virtual assistant. 


How to delegate effectively:


Letting go is the first step. Letting go of control is sometimes the most difficult part. Work your way up from small, low risk tasks to something bigger and more challenging. Eventually, it becomes more of a routine than a source of stress.


Be strategic. Match your VA’s strengths and skillset to the task. As a result, they will be able to work independently, and you will have peace of mind that they are capable.


Establish expectations. Communicate your expectations and provide clear directions and a timeframe for when it needs to be completed. To stay on top of bigger tasks, you can set up routine check-ins.


Make sure you don’t micromanage. After you delegate a task, step away. Micromanaging only adds more work to your plate.


Trust your virtual assistant. Once a task is assigned, make sure your virtual assistant has the authority to take full responsibility.


Congratulations, you just delegated your first task to your VA! Don’t be afraid to let go. It might take some practice, but if you stick with it, it will get easier.