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why a virtual assistant is the best


So, you have decided that it is time to get some extra help and you are looking to hire an assistant, but the question is, do you hire a virtual assistant or a personal assistant?


A few questions to ask yourself are:

Advantages of a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants enable you to work smarter (not harder), a point well made by the famed author of ‘The 4-Hour Work Week”, Tim Ferriss. Beyond the basics, many virtual assistants are specialists in a certain field, such as web development, digital marketing, bookkeeping, etc. And as a result of their exposure to different industries, they bring a more varied perspective to their work, which can help to refresh their outlook on different markets.


Virtual Assistants also provide flexibility, you can select the hours you need on a monthly basis or adapt them to whatever suits your current requirements or projects. They also work remotely and have their own electronics. This saves you money, office space, equipment, and other employee benefits.


It is also worth noting that when it comes to in-person employees, the average amount of time spent on actual work is only three hours of every eight hours worked. Virtual assistants only charge for hours worked, which adds up to 78% savings on yearly operating costs.

Advantages of a Personal Assistant

The primary difference between a Personal Assistant and a Virtual Assistant is the fact that your PA can work from home or in the office. If face to face communication is important to you and your tasks are location specific such as organising documents, attending meeting, or working at the company’s front desk, it’s best that you hire a Personal Assistant that works in-house.


Another thing to consider is how many hours you need them in a day, if you require 100% of their time a personal assistant would be available to you whenever you need.


Ultimately, the decision between a Virtual Assistant and a Personal Assistant comes down to your individual needs.


Virtual assistants offer businesses a flexible alternative to hiring full-time PAs. They typically work for a monthly package and businesses only pay for productive hours. This has made them a popular alternative, particularly considering the rise of remote working.