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Work smarter with a virtual assistant


Ferriss didn’t invent the idea to hire a virtual assistant, but he did influence a lot of entrepreneurs to take advantage of outsourcing one. Tim Ferris’ best-selling book, the 4-hour work week, explains how you can escape your 9-5 job through different strategies. One of which is to hire a virtual assistant.


Work smarter, not harder, is Ferris’ mantra, and outsourcing is essential to becoming what he calls “the new rich”.

Bring Out Strengths, Outsource Weaknesses

It is important to realise that we cannot do everything on our own, and even if we are good at some things, we may not be great at everything. We all need some help and must realise that the time spent on time-consuming tasks could instead be spent doing specific tasks of our choosing or not working at all.

People are still resistant to the idea to hire virtual assistant, which is why this is considered a ‘secret’. They anticipate it to cost too much, or they link the price of virtual assistants with their quality of work and assume since it is cheaper than most other options, it must be less reliable. When in reality, a virtual assistant only charges for hours worked, saving 78 percent on yearly operating costs as opposed to hiring a full-time employee who may only spend three of every eight hours actually working on their tasks.

The 4-hour work week has proven success for many entrepreneurs and professionals. However, the key to success is finding the right virtual assistant. 

With Virtual PA Studio, we’ll match you with the perfect match and help integrate your VA into your working life